What is Ascent++?

Ascent++, a successor of the previous Ascent, is a pipeline for automatically collecting, extracting and consolidating commonsense knowledge (CSK) from any English text corpus. Ascent++ is capable of extracting facet-enriched assertions, overcoming the common limitations of the triple-based knowledge model in traditional knowledge bases (KBs). Ascent++ also captures composite concepts with subgroups and related aspects, supplying even more expressiveness to CSK assertions.

Ascent++ KB is a CSKB extracted from the C4 crawl using the Ascent++ pipeline. It consists of 2 million CSK assertions about 10K popular concepts. The CSKB comes with two variants: one with open predicates (e.g., "be", "have", "live in", etc.) and one with the established ConceptNet schema with 19 pre-specified predicates (e.g., AtLocation, CapableOf, HasProperty, etc.).

This web interface allows you to browse the CSK assertions in the Ascent++ KB.


To explore what our CSKB captures, try out the following concepts:


You can download 2 million CSK assertions in our KB here: ascentpp.csv.tar.gz.


Github repository


Read our paper for detailed descriptions of the Ascent++ methodology:

Tuan-Phong Nguyen, Simon Razniewski, Julien Romero, and Gerhard Weikum. 2022. Refined commonsense knowledge from large-scale web contents. Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering.